Digital Marketing Budgets v.s Offline Marketing Budgets

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

AC Creative points out various aspects of digital and offline marketing

When you begin to do marketing you must always keep the four P’s of marketing in mind. However, why they are important in today's blog is that the four P’s affect digital marketing budgets and offline marketing budgets drastically different. Allow me to elaborate why. Digital marketing campaigns typically consist of: Blogging or content marketing

Social media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid search (PPC)

Email Marketing

Offline marketing campaigns typically consist of:

TV Marketing

Radio Marketing

Trade Shows

Direct Mail Marketing Now when you decide the campaign method of your choice this is where the four P's come in with indicating initial budget needs. The P that stands for promotion is always a constant variable because it is the method of digital/offline marketing you are going with. Let's say you chose trade shows for offline marketing and ppc for digital marketing. P’s that matter most for trade shows are place, product, and price. This is because of all the different costs associated with trade shows. In regards to the latter method the only P associated would be price because all you have to do is set it up and pay the cost listed. There is no physical location and you don’t need to own the product to run a ppc campaign.

While online marketing has proven to have lower costs with better ROI, it’s not sitting well with specific audiences. That’s because 86% of people aged 45+ say TV and radio ads are more reliable for finding information than social media, or the internet. The sliver of information above shows that as time goes on digital marketing methods will be the go to method of marketing. Especially since seo marketing is said to have the best ROI because essentially it's free.That’s right seo is free. The problem lies in figuring out how seo works which is why digital marketing budgets are the lowest. However psychologically offline and digital tactics have completely different effects. With digital marketing it is a complete data driven task that requires everything to be meticulously placed according to consumer psychology reports. However it is not exactly the same with offline marketing. With offline marketing you can cause consumers or businesses to think you are much bigger than you even are. Sponsor events, and networking are just a few ways that social elements can affect the psychology of what those in attendance think of you. This causes the potential ROI from offline marketing to sky rocket because they begin to buy into the idea you’ve presented rather than what really is. When trying to choose which marketing method would be more effective and how to figure out a budget. Figure out where your consumer base is located in the world and if they shop primarily influenced from offline ads or digital ads.

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