Digital Marketing in 2020

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Today we will discuss the does, and don’ts in the realm of Digital Marketing.

Typically when people think of creating a website they believe their site will just show up on search engines and that the site needs to just look good however that is just not the case. This isn’t common knowledge yet however SEO is essential to ranking higher on SERPs. SEO has been around for a decade and a half. It’s value is only increasing because people zoom right past the paid results more and more.

When you first decide you want to create something that needs digital marketing you need to understand all your options. A common mistake is people go to youtube and look up marketing for their business industry(eCommerce, online marketing, influencer, etc). Now I understand you might be wondering how this is a mistake. Most youtubers need to pay debt, sustain their livelihood, or want to increase their income. With this being their primary concern they are employing tactics to just seize your money rather than help you. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you have to go to school for marketing to know what you need to know. You can go online and look for accredited marketing courses or go with our personal favorite Linkedin Learning

Once you have learned what you need you are ready to move forward in the process. By now you know you can either go the alone route of trial and error or go with a digital marketing company that will handle all of your digital marketing needs that way you can get the best price possible. It also saves you time since you will only have to keep communication with them and they will want to retain you as a customer so they will make sure that results will follow. Keep in mind that the best way to keep costs low is to do everything you can before getting involved with a digital marketing company. Many will tailor a package to your every need, even things you could do which could make your bill shoot up. So when going to them make sure you have the tasks needed figured out. If you need consultation some digital marketing companies offer that as well.

When you are studying digital marketing you will always hear this topic discussed because it is paramount to your success. The topic consistently brought up is marketing budgets. This is because it can truly make or break you. When you are trying to figure out what a good budget would be. You first need to know if you need an offline or digital marketing budget. In this case we will say you need a digital marketing budget. If you are new on the scene then you have to be a bit aggressive and have a larger budget because you are fighting all the other individuals in your industry for the highest SERP ranking. If you want to cut costs then SEO is your best friend.

Overall the biggest mistake you can make is not doing your due diligence because failing to plan is planning to fail. In this day and age with all the accurate analytical data available. There is no reason you can’t optimize your business for success when you go towards doing digital marketing.

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