Building Your Brand

Building your brand.

When you start heading down this route it’s important to understand your purpose behind creating a brand. For some it is to watch and listen. This is typically done by companies to maintain quality and get rid of any problems as fast as possible. Another purpose might be that you want to have people know you are good at something or just know who you are. Each purpose will have predetermined rules for what you can and cannot post. Today we will dive into various purposes for creating a social media account and the predetermined posting rules based on your purpose. Purposes Of Creating Social Media As you journey through life you have always known about the news and other television services from cable to streaming. When people release content on these major platforms typically everyone hears about it which is amazing. Now what if your voice had that kind of reach and authority? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Content Marketing is a major tool to utilize when you are building that voice or you can be totally organic. However the end goal will still be the same no matter what method you take to accomplish it. Some specific purposes of creating a social media are to watch and listen like above and make actions that are appropriate to handling the issues arising. Another major reason to get started is personal branding. Now this can get tricky because you have to figure out what you are going to show people. If it is just who you are and what you do daily. It could even be you accomplishing a series of goals or your life doing a specific job. Whatever it may be it is important to figure it out because you will be building a following based on this and if you deviate you could be punished with lower engagement or people unfollowing. Another very popular reason for creating a social media is to promote your company which this works the same as personal brand however your company goals on the platform could be just as if not more specific. Such as your company posting updates only on new product releases and major updates. Another could be your company posting general company news. Other companies could be posting just advice along with general news. These purposes are also interchangeable and it all depends on what you want to accomplish with social media. So keep the end goals in mind when making the choice of your purpose for using social media. Predetermined Posting Rules Now we will go into talking about the predetermined posting rules that are associated with your purpose for using social media. Now you could be thinking well can’t I post whatever as long as it is quality content? To that I will say you could however the results might not be what you expect because the current audience you have built are a custom to seeing certain content. Lets say that you have an account on crypto trading tips. You have amassed a following of 100K crypto traders. Now if you post a video on how water bottles are made you will have very low engagement and if you continue posting stuff regarding how stuff is made you will potentially lose following. This is because you are going through something I like to call an audience change. Where the old audience is leaving and the new audience will be coming in shortly. If the purpose of your account is to watch and listen then you must post general content about your business and you don’t really have a specific direction to take because you want to see how people interact with your business. Another purpose could be to build brand awareness about latest product releases. This means that you need to stay on the topic of latest drops because some people have notifications set up to tell them when you post. Which means that they are highly interested in what you sell. If you start posting about things not related to your purpose you could potentially lose massive amounts of money because people are being turned away by irrelevancy and find a new brand that they like. When you start trying to figure out the Predetermined posting rules for what you are posting about just remember this. Stay relevant to the cause. If you need to change the cause then change it but know the consequences. Due diligence will keep you from making costly mistakes because you were ignorant of something simple.

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