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Before you begin utilizing SEO for your website it is important to understand the algorithm for the respective search engine. That way you will be able to rank higher with no issue. Today we will be talking about Googles Algorithm because to be blunt. It is the one that matters more than the rest because around 90% of the world uses Google Search. What we will discuss are the type of updates, the purpose of major updates, and practices that will keep your site in the clear during major updates. Types of Updates It is imperative to know what type of updates there are when it comes to Googles algorithm because some matter much more than others. For example the core updates that have been happening since 2017 matter however not as much as the panda update or rankbrain update which changed the way the entire search engine works. The main types of updates are core, major(major updates receive a unique name), and continuous updates. Core updates are just as it sounds. Affecting the core system of the search engine. Now sometimes instead of the search engine itself it will be an update to the algorithm which will read as core algorithm update. The next on the list are major updates. These are the ones almost everyone in the marketing world are familiar with such as Bert, hummingbird, rankbrain, and more. These updates have massive changes to how the search engine even works and chances are. If you were using a black hat tactic or improper tactic then you are going to be heavily affected. The final type of updates are continuous updates. Now no they do not have continuous in the name however the updates focus is to improve upon something they have been working on for awhile such as there holiday or seasonal updates like fall flux, valentines day, and more. The Purpose of Major Updates Now I know this was discussed slightly in the article above but we have to dive deeper into these major updates because of what they specifically changed. At the moment google has had a total of 8 major updates. Panda This update caused sites that have duplicated content to be penalized for it. Thus making them rank lower than before. It also penalized for things along the lines of keyword stuffing. This is also when websites were assigned quality scores which becomes vital in the future. Penguin This update went after people that would utilize link farms and PBNs. If you were utilizing those it would penalize you by turning them into no follow links so you don’t get the SEO juice. It also down ranked for over optimized anchor text. Now to stay on the safe side with your links google had made a way for you to disown bad links so you don’t get penalized for it. They way they do this is with Googles disavow tool. Hummingbird This update hurt those that practiced keyword stuffing and just had all around low quality content. It did this by allowing search results to appear based on multiple factors and not just based off the individual words in the search query making keyword stuffing pointless and low quality content not being shown. Mobile This update was one of my personal favorites because sites that relied on there desktop version for ranking were severely hurt. Because during this update your mobile version developed its own independent ranking from the desktop version and when people made mobile searches it went off your mobile rank and not the desktops. RankBrain This update made search results a bit more personal to the searcher by taking into account synonyms, implied words and personal search history. To avoid being hurt you need to have comprehensive and valuable content. That way you can have a higher ranking on SERPs. Medic This update really honed in on what they created during the Panda update. It added to quality scores by using E-A-T. This stands for expertise, authority, and trust. Now I know you may be wondering how Google know what is better than what and it is simple. To have better E-A-T you need links from high quality sites. Quantity won’t be your friend here because low quality won’t help and will honestly just lower your E-A-T. This updates all about credibility and to maintain that you need quality work and organic traffic linking or referencing your work. Bert For the first time google started to heavily reward well written content and punish poorly written on page content. Around this time meta descriptions also stopped being used for ranking so this made your on page content matter even more than ever. Never forget that google values quality over quantity. Core Updates These are a form of continuous updates because Google is constantly making core updates. These have been going on since 2017. Now these updates aren’t as clear as the past updates however what we can learn is that they are improving upon the old updates to make them better than ever. So make sure to stay utilizing white hat SEO otherwise one day you will pay the price. Best Algorithm Update Proof Practices As Google grows it will continue to change and improve itself so that when a search query is made. Only the most relevant of results will appear. To make sure you stay on the right side of the fence and don’t get tossed over eventually it is important to maintain White Hat SEO tactics. These tactics along with quality work, and due diligence will allow you to stay in the clear and have one of the best sites on Googles massive index. Another way to make sure you stay in the clear is to learn what the bad practices are. These are referred to as Black Hat SEO tactics. Now if you want to use them then do so at your own caution however it doesn’t hurt to learn what they are so you can make sure you steer clear of these unwanted practices.

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