Lead Generation with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has made the entire lead generation process easier than ever before

Lead Generation is the backbone of many businesses and with Digital Marketing the cost has dramatically decreased. However, the tradeoff is that where to look for leads has become more difficult to find. Even with these leads being harder to find, organizations on average generate 1,877 leads per month. You can even now use CRM software to make the task a bit more automated which will save cost and time with lead management for bigger businesses or a business generating thousands of leads.

When going down the journey of lead generation you must learn which leads are worth pursuing and which aren’t. A way to get into gathering leads yourself is to find a data company that will sell you emails for your lead generation campaigns. Now I know this raises issues of receiving old or incorrect audience emails but this isn’t the case with reputable data companies such as Exact Data or InfoUSA. They make weeding out the emails not desired possible. Now if you are on a budget and cannot afford this route then no worries there are solutions to this issue. The solution however does require a bit of time consumption. You can search the internet for directories, forums, and local listings to find businesses you would like to contact. For those strictly looking for consumers, you will have to do some deeper research such as gathering emails from social network profiles while also gathering information from their profile/content to determine needs.

Now that you know where you will source your data from its time to figure out what you will do with this data. This is one of the hardest parts of the process because it can make or break your campaign. It is very important to do your due diligence here because you could be wasting time on quite valuable leads because you executed a poorly devised strategy. One method you could go about is using a CRM platform such as Active Campaign to create an automated email marketing campaign. This will also allow you to set up an automated alternate response based on the actions of the receiver. Before doing this I would strongly suggest taking a course on email campaigns that way you can maximize your potential chance of success. Another method you could implement is a constant newsletter about things related to your products and/or services. To build an even better relationship with customers you could use the newsletter to tell news about your company and the latest gains in the past month of business.

Once the campaign starts you will begin to have analytics shortly after with more coming in consistently based on the number of emails within your CRM. You must always make sure to act promptly to recipients that reach out to purchase your service or make contact about your product. This will convey to the recipient your sense of urgency and punctuation which will already put you in good graces.

Recipients that don’t respond as you want can just be moved off the list and onto a cold emailing list for once in a while emailing or none at all. This is because you don’t want to harass people with emails which could put your company in a bad light. Some recipients just give no response which we like to call dead emails. With these, it is best to add them to the cold email list and list why they are dead. If it is along the lines of this user that doesn’t exist or email is not delivered then you can delete the email because it is safe to say it won’t be active anytime soon and you have a lot of emails to go through. It is very important to stay organized when doing lead generation through email.

Whatever your choice of execution maybe you must make sure of one thing. That you are doing your due diligence so that you can execute properly the first time. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time with the process of trial and error.

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