Structured Data and Why it Matters

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Once you begin to dwell into technical SEO you will begin to learn about Structured Data. Once you utilize this you can significantly help a website's indexing efforts improve significantly. The reason why it improves so drastically is because you are providing search engine crawlers with information on exactly what each page is about. Now you do have to do each page individually however how the structured data snippet is added to the website depends on how you are building the website. Now typically you would just copy and paste the structured data snippet generated from the markup helper to a predefined place within the website. Once this is done, the next time your site is crawled by search engine crawlers they will pick up on these structured data snippets then proceed to update the indexed page info accordingly because you have now provided explicit information on the specific web page containing the snippet. Moving forward it is important to remember to also update the structured data snippet when you update the page. This is to keep the indexed information on search engines up to date. Since Googles URL inspection tool is now unavailable. It is more important than ever to keep your site information properly listed for search engine crawlers.

Now something very crucial to keep in mind is that structured data doesn’t increase ranking which was concluded from recent studies. Although search engine results that contain structured data have a higher click through rate. My personal opinion is that structured data can be reverse engineered to give you insight into what each page should contain.

If you take a look at the picture above. This is what Googles structured data markup helper used to look like. If you look further into using structured data for your site and choose the appropriate category. You will see the information in a panel to the right which you can use to make sure every page has all the needed information. You can also get a bit more advanced with this tool and use HTML or go through the email version instead of the website. Structured Data Markup Helper

Now what you see above is after you select the page type and paste the URL. In this specific instance they chose the product page type. Now on the left as mentioned above are the sections that can be filled in by information on the page. It is important to have all of this information filled out so google can determine relevance even better. You will also be making sure that the search engine displays the correct data regarding the specific page on SERPs. Structured Data on SERPs

At first glance this may appear to be your same old search results with each containing different information on the landing page. Now to the trained eye you can see that structured data was utilized here in various ways. With this visual you can see that these websites provided additional information on their pages in the form of structured data that allowed search engines to display correct & additional information.

Structured data might not increase ranking however it does improve CTR, UX, and is a way of getting traffic pre vetted because with the additional information provided they could know if they do or don’t need what you offer. Meaning the people that do click on your result are more prone to take the action that you desire for that individual page.

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