The Truth Behind SEO and PPC

Learn the difference between Search engine optimization and pay per click

When you begin learning about digital marketing the two methods you are most likely going to stumble upon are PPC and SEO. This is because these are the two primary methods of marketing your website. They are also the most effective methods however their differences are like night and day. Today we will dive into what sets them apart, how they work, and most importantly when you need to start utilizing them. The 3 Key Differences To perform PPC you have to spend money. With SEO it is free and you could honestly reach #1 on SERPs without paying a dime. SEO allows you to start ranking for any keyword on your website. Now I know that sounds like a stretch however it is true. If you had an article page on your marketing website about the medical field and the title was called “The in’s and out’s of the medical field”. If you have a good amount of traffic, user experience, and a solid amount of backlinks linking to the blog. Someone could do a search on google for “The medical field”. The article result would pop up because google deems it highly relevant to the search query even though the site is just a marketing companies website. On the other hand with PPC you can only appear for keywords you bid on. As you continue improving on your SEO it will help you appear higher on other search engines even if you are only trying to rank higher on google. This is mainly because of backlinks and organic site popularity which will cause other search engines to recognize your site. However, with PPC you are strictly stuck to being shown on the search engine you are running PPC campaigns on such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and more. How SEO and PPC Work SEO or Search engine optimization works by mainly ranking you off of 8 factors. Link building, relevant content, user experience, social signals, correct business info, domain authority, the right keywords, and being mobile-friendly. Some of these are much easier to do than others. The most important factors are link building, relevant content, user experience, and social signals. Link building is the practice of having a good balance or inbound, outbound, and backlink links. The hardest to obtain out of those three are backlinks because this is someone deeming your content relevant enough to link to it from their own site. Backlinks give you some of the best SEO juice out there. However, it is important to have a good balance between inbound and outbound with a plethora of backlinks. Now don’t assume just any old backlink will do because that isn’t true. Low domain authority sites linking to you won’t help so much other than the traffic it sends. A high domain authority site will give you some great SEO juice along with site traffic because it signals to the search engine that this content is very relevant/important thus causing you to rank higher for your keywords on SERPs. Relevant content means the page you are on must be relevant to the purpose of the said page. If your page is giving details on your pet grooming services then it needs to do just that and not give details on cars or airplanes because that is completely irrelevant. The user experience is decided on the number of sessions(pages viewed by a visitor), bounce rate, and session duration. The higher these are the better(except for bounce rate. You want your bounce rate as low as possible.). Social signals come from social media platforms. The goal here is to generate as much traffic within the social network as possible because these social platforms have higher domain authority than your site. So with your social signal giving off that your content generates high traffic. Search engines will quickly display you on the first page of SERPs for various keywords because of your content on social media. Now what will appear will be your social accounts however this isn’t bad because as long as these accounts link to your website. Rest assured that people will be making it to your website after checking out your content. PPC or pay per click is a lot more simplistic because it revolves around bidding. For PPC to work effectively you must know your audience and where to target. If you want your ads to appear in Germany because that is where everyone is buying your service. Then you must make sure to target Germany along with bidding on the right keywords and phrases that they use to find your service. Now after targeting the appropriate places you must bid on the right keywords & key phrases because if you bid on for sale instead of digital marketing. The bid placed on for sale will cost more and you will also get people that are shopping for goods and not for your marketing services. Which will cause you to waste a lot of money in the end. However, it must be mentioned that if a PPC campaign is optimized properly for you then it could have more value to you than SEO would have. When to utilize SEO and PPC The moment you create your website it is new to the online world and therefore it is listed nowhere. You need to begin utilizing SEO the moment you make a website. The tricky part is the degree of SEO work that you will need. For example, if you have a dropshipping store all you will need is simple SEO work and then articles written on each of those products that you sell. However other sites such as blogs need extreme amounts of SEO to become valuable because they need high domain authority. Otherwise, they will just be another blog site among the many with low domain authority. So to figure out whether or not your site needs SEO. Just look at your competitors and see if they have a lot of content and sites linking to them.

Now PPC is something anyone can utilize but utilizing it is all about timing and execution. For example, if you use PPC when your website is brand new then people will arrive and leave because of the lack of content or just because it is an unappealing site even if your execution was perfect. The reason why execution matters is because a lot of people improperly run PPC campaigns because they don’t fully understand how to use it and rely on the automated methods which if you have money to blow might work out for you but if you want the most from your campaign it is important to know how much money you need. Along with how to properly set up a PPC campaign. Our advice on that is to check out Linkedin learning or contact a digital marketing company to help you out.

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